“They blew everyone away!  Supergroup is a term that’s thrown around all too often, but In Orbit are an authentic example of musical synergy.  The lineup features names that will get your attention on first glance, and the music these guys put together is powerful, funky, and out of this world!  Can’t wait to book them again.” Paul Hinrichs, Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival ”

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IN ORBIT'S debut recording Unity is available on Ear Up! Records.  You can get it on iTunes, or Amazon, Tidal, or at CD Baby. The album is fun and funky with great musicianship and memorable compositions by Jeff Coffin, Michael Occhipinti, and the band.  I truly love playing with this band, and I think the joy we all feel playing together is captured on the album!  We'll have a new album coming later this year that is the result of us writing the music (after entering the studio with no pre-conceived music) together.  Even the rough mixes sound great, so stay tuned!  But in the meantime, I'd love you to order or stream the first one!