Other PRojects/Collaborations/Films

I love playing in a as many different projects as I can, so long as they feature talented musicians and artists, and the freedom to be creative.  Style and Genre don't matter to me very much, and below are links to a variety of artists that I work with, and some links to a few films that have used my music.  Have an idea for a collaboration?  Contact me anytime.

Although I'm usually called a jazz musician more than anything, I love writing for classical musicians, and strings in particular.  I've been luck to work with my friends in The Gryphon Trio on a few different collaborative concerts, and I was delighted when the 21C Festival at Koerner Hall in Toronto asked me to write some music to feature the group as well as my pal Don Byron on clarinet and my brother Roberto on bass.   I called it The Centre of The Multiverse and it features some old audio recordings of a Sicilian donkey cart delivery man singing, and I wrote the music around those audio clips.

ONE STEP APART is a short film by Sibel Guvenc that  I  composed and performed the music for,